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Our Story

We are more than just another piercing studio to the community, but also a holistic healing shop. We believe in natural healing even through piercing by opening chakra points in your body. Same as such things as: massage, reiki, acupuncture, yoga, etc.. Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are moments in a person's life where they would have a chakra opened up even without knowing that's what was happening. Opening a chakra does many things, such as: taking tension, strain, anger or guilt (etc) off their chest and out of their lives. We've seen this many times with piercing. And therefore, we want to share it with Utah!

Come down and see Courtney Marriott (Owner)

Alongside with Courtney’s apprentice Paige Drabner.

Matthew Schlentz for a piercing.

Mitchell Reilly for a piercing. (Not pictured)

Abbie  & Phoebe for a massage. (Not pictured)

Maya Marriott for reiki/card reading.